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I am the sum of my experiences, never a victim.
nineteen . female . writer
blunt . sarcastic . attitude
[x] working on the whole confidence thing.

Chanel Pre-Fall 2009 Details

Chanel Pre-Fall 2009 Details


Flower Mandalas by Kathy Klein


yeah mom im ok i just dont want to be alive haha

if you touch me i’ll more than alarm you..

Parents of little girls: when a boy is mean to you, it means he likes you!
Ten years later: she keeps dating abusive men. We don't know what's wrong with her.

You know what? Fuxk you anyway. I don’t need you because I don’t need anyone

I just continue to be more and more disappointed and unhappy with this whole thing.

Sometimes it bothers me that I gave up cutting for others and not myself. Like, fuck. I can hurt myself if that’s what fucking works.

The issue with cutting before bed is that you run the risk of staining your bedsheets 😒